There is no perfect Jig. Hence my latest adventure and endeavor with Troyce Taylor. We've combined all the little details that I believe will draw an angler more strikes and put more fish in the boat when using a jig. Each jig is hand poured, tied and painted by US AT TNT to assure consistency.

The Skirt: This jig comes in three base colors, brown, black and green pumkin. There will be slight variations that use a wide array of silicone enhancement skirts. We're using Living Round rubber. On all these jigs, a red thread is used for strike appeal. 6 inches of rubber is used, leaving a layered affect with the longest strands extending 2.5-3 inches from the jig head. The longer strands give us a slightly smaller profile as the bait is falling and swimming, yet a very nice bulky profile as the bait rests on the bottom and the rubber expands outwards.

The Head: These are Arkie style flippen jig heads. The heads are coated with a non-cracking powder paint. We've mixed some tiny red, gold & green flakes with the paint. Also added are two red eyes, one on each side of the line tie. The flash from this prism appearing combination and two red eyes, will trigger additional strikes as well. A 1.5 inch fine fiber weed guard is affixed to the head. This allows for plenty of give and room for trimming, for those quick biting strikes that are often missed.

The Hook: Mustad Ultra Point hooks are being used with these jigs. These are super sharp and very strong hooks. They are the 60 degree, straight eye line tie jig hooks. We get a truer fall and straight hook set with this type line tie. Your line knot will always be aligned straight with the jig and rod tip.

Availability: The "Wadda" is available and many local outlets, you can find a full listing of stores and on-line dealers at WWW,TNTBAITCO.COM,

These jigs work guys, and the fish below chomped the final product today! A 9 pound 2 oz post spawn Delta girl just couldn't keep it out of her jaws!

Order yours now from TNT Bait Co, and you'll be standing there looking at that pig like me sayin, WADDA JIG!


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