Cooch's Believe Me, or don't!!

Basketball Cat

This 78 pound white Catfish was found at a local pond still practicing his three point shots. This was right after he'd heard the news of Kobi's arrest and Shaq's departure for Miami. He had great aspirations of moving west to play for the Lakers. Unfortunately he failed a major test, like most "white boys", white cats, are incapable of jumping as well. He's now politicing for Aquatic stem cell research to cure this new found disease passed to him from us humans.
Believe Me, or don't!!

December 12, 2000 - Winter Feeding

This 6 pound Delta largemouth is proof of my theory that a big slow moving bait will attract strikes from lethargic wintertime bass. This northern pacific seal never had a chance.

We later recovered this exhausted bass and with the help of a few Tumms and some tummy massaging, we were able to assure her safe release to feed again.
Believe Me, or don't!!

Bass Hound

I have this fish pointing dog, a springer spaniel, her name is Shasta. I first noticed her talents one day in December of 96 while fishing the Delta. I was fishing some docks around the Bethel Island area and after no success pulled up the trolling motor to leave. Much to my surprise, Shasta was not in the bote. Hmmmm, so I back tracked. After calling her name fer several minutes, I could hear her barking, she was actually about 6 docks or so ahead of where I stopped fishing. Motoring up to her, she refused to come down to the bote, but stood proudly up on the levee, boofing away at me. At that point I figured, what the heck, dropped the trolling motor, picked up my flippin stik and pitched underneath the walkway below where she was gettin all excited. That jig hit the water and KERTHUNK! The toilet flushed. This fish was HUGE! By the time I had landed it, there was Shasta sitting at the end of the dock with this look of, "See, I told ya so" on her face."Stupid bass, I kept tryin ta tell you he was coming!" Amazing and I've attached a picture of my biggest ever bass at 14.87 next to Shasta.
Believe Me, or don't!!


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