I've been using Sugoi Fluorocarbon since November of 1999, when Jerry "Bubba" Puckett sent me a sample spool of the 20# clear flippen line. And since this time, I am now using the Sugoi on all my baitcasters except topwater.

It has been stated over the years and to this day, that braids are the "super" lines of our era, but I don't believe this for a moment. Three inherent properties of braid fall too short of the performances gained when using fluorocarbon. First and foremost, braid is very susceptible to frays and break offs when used around rocks and barnacles. And as another poster mentions, it only transmits strikes when the line is taught, and last, it is very visible in any water color and a great disadvantage of line shy fish in clear water.

The Fluorocarbon resolves all these issues. Due to it's dense properties, it is the most sensitive line I have ever used, even on a slack line when fishing Senkos. The level of feel you have on a slack line is amazing. Strikes are not only transmitted through the blank of your rod and to your hands, but due to the lines stiffness, you will see the line jump when a fish strikes your bait. This for me is imperative when Senko or jig fishing. Simply because, I'm fishing these two baits on a slack line most of the time.

The abrasion resistance of fluorocarbon is second to none. Nicks are far and few between. What this means to the tournament angler is that we now spend far less time checking and retying knots, where our baits can remain in the strike zone. It also means that since we are not retying so often, we're not decreasing the amount of line on our reels by 6-20 feet a day. The invisibility factor is huge. Not only does this line disappear underwater, but due to it's smaller diameter, it allows for us to go up in line weight test, gaining strength and loosing very little affect in our baits that might be caused by thicker diameter lines. I currently will use 16# Sugoi for most applications, 20# test for pitching and 25# test for flippen.

The greatest advantage that I see now using Sugoi, is that this line is so durable and lasts a very long time. It does not break down over time with exposure to the sun's UV rays, as most lines do. And in fact, over time, the more you use it, the limper it seems to get. Upon spooling up a reel with Sugoi, in most cases, that reel is good for at least 1 year if not longer. There are some exceptions, such as a big striper or salmon spooling you or a nasty over spin that must be cut out. But for the most part, I am spending far less money over a years period of time usin Sugoi Fluorocarbon, than I ever did using mono, copoly or braids, which I used to have to change every 2-3 three trips out. For me, that could easily be a weeks time. $8 a week for 54 weeks, do the math. One $64 bulk spool of Sugoi, I can fill no less than three reels and git more than a year's use out of my line now. The long term savings is tremendous.

For the average angler, this may not seem like such a big issue, but for someone like me who is a guide and fishes the tournament trails, I'm on the water no less than 200 days a year. I need a line that I can depend on and not worry about, day in and day out, yet is cost effective. And even though I am a sponsored staff member of GYCB, the line is a product I must pay for. I don't use Sugoi because I get it for free. I use it, because it has improved my fish "catching" ten fold. I use it, because I believe, through my own experiences, it just plain out performs any other line that I have used. I feel things that I could never feel before. I'm confident and comfortable using it in any type of cover. I rarely break off on hooksets or while fighting a fish. I go for long periods without having the need to respool.

I use Sugoi fluorocarbon, because I have come to realize, that with the advancements in technology for bass fishing today, this line, is truly the "super line" of the future. And over the last 4 to 5 years, I have tested and played with almost every brand of fluorocarbon that is available, some that are not available to the average angler. I have come to learn that with fluorocarbon, there are a number of graded levels of fluorocarbon resin lines, and my experience with Sugoi has proven what I've been told, Sugoi is a "10", and stands far above the rest. Fishing is supposed to be simple and fun. Yet, each and every one of us here knows this is not always the case, it's just not that easy. But since I've gone to fluorocarbon line, in particular the Sugoi, I have taken the problems created by line, out of the over all equation that adds up to trouble while fishing. For me, I don't have to think about my line while on the water these days, for I have the utmost confidence that I am using the absolute best line available to me today.

Cooch GYBC, InsideLine Pro Staff


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