Cooch & Peacocks!
Viva Tucunare & Grande Pavons!

Many thanks to Dave Masterson and Gary Laden for making my trip possible!

This is a Speckled Peacock. The current record peacock is of this variety at 27+ lbs. Take notice of the eye on the tail, all varieties have this marking. That's a 10 inch Pearch Woodchopper in it's jaws. These fish are huge and brutal!

This is a Royal Pavon
Notice the tiger stripes on top and the broken blotches. Also check out the red at the bottom of the gills. Both the gills and a Peacock's eyes will turn blood red with stress after ya catch em. It's a curdling red actually. Care must be taken and the fish are eased back into the water for release.

A dandy little Butterfly species!
This fish ate a white hair raiser jig. They are smaller and can be found in schools. They love the points with wood lay downs! Notice the three distinct round rosettes along the lateral line.

A gorgeous barred species!
Notice the bump on the head, its a male, and he's got a hard on and was gaurding fry! Males of all the species gain this nub on the head when spawning. For peacocks, the males are the larger fish, but the females can git to over 20 pounds as well.

This is one GIANT pirahna!
Thank God for Boga Grips! This fish actually hit one of the giant WoodChoppers. Most anglers will catch the smaller piranha on rip baits and hair jigs. Although, the piranha will trim the hair off yer jig in no time. Due to this and the other toothy fish found in the Amazonas Regions, plastic baits do not fair well down here.

Day Four, Don Cutter gets this Giant Barred fish to somersault!
This fish was well into the upper teens and tossed the Woodchopper as you can see the line directly above the fish. The bait is lost in the spray. Nice shot Cooch, this one will be on Peacock webpages everywhere!

Tony plays a big fish into a jump for the camera. Normaly you would not want these fish to jump as they WILL toss yer lure. And this 12+ pounder did. But on the last day, Tony, Banana & I were just out for fun! Jumpin Peacocks, we had more come off than we boated. WOW!

Making our way into one of the many lagoons. Some of these our guides would rock and roll us through, others, we had to exit the boats and carry them in. Most peacock fishing is done in these hidden lagoons, bays and small canals all found with-in the many islands of the river system.

The Gang:
L to R Bud, Cooch, Steve, Troy, Carl, Gary, Randy.
Not shown: Don, Dan, Larry, Dave, Tony, Mark & Bill

Heading home.
The Amazon Voyager.
It was an amazing trip, one that I will never forget and somehow, find a way back there again some day!

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