Cooch's Trophy Peacocks!!

An 18.5 pound Amazon Trophy!!

This Grande Pavon or Barred Peacock fell for a 10" pearch colored Wood Chopper. Of all the fish I caught, the initial strike was just a very slight "SLURP"! Once the lure disappeared, I heard Banana yell, "SET, set, set!! Grande fish, Grande, Grande!" I layed into that fish and was met with the battle of a lifetime. 10 solid minutes of sheer bedlam and mayhem. This fish was BRUTALLY AWESOME!

Big male fish, with the size of the hump on his head, Banana was sure it was guarding the Bambinos.

This next 12 plus pounder provided me with the most excitement of the week. It layed the most unruley of explosions on that Pearch Chopper, then went under and wrapped me around a log! With strong FINS braided line, I was able to hang on till my guide dove in, disappeared fer 30 seconds, before lifting it out of the water for me to git a photo.


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