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Miller Punchin Weights!!

Have you been looking for that perfect, heavy cover punchin' weight? Can't always get thru the thick stuff? Danny Miller has designed the most amazing weight to resolve these problems. It may look akward and gaudy, but I'm here ta tell ya this thing is amazingly efficient, and big canopy hunkered bass don't care about this weight! Teamed with a bobber stopper to hold the weight in place, and a big 6/0 or 7/0 hook, your plastic baits will now fall thru any type of matted cover with ease. The simple design of the dual pointed cylinder with the exit hole in the center of the weight, allows that bait to penetrate thru anything with just the flicker of the rod tip. This weight will also serve a dual purpose when used on a Carolina Rig. No more hang ups as yer bouncing it along the rocks. The points ends of this weigh allows you to simple pull the weight right back outof the crevice it fell into. They come in 4 sizes, 3/4, 1.0, 1.5 & 2.0 ounce weights. Danny has also introduced a new green painted version of this heavy duty brass weight. Check em out at WWW.MillerPunchinWeight.COM .

It's Hammer Time!

Exciting new Paddle tailed swimbaits from Big Hammer! The patented and innovative squared tail provides an incredible baitfish like action seen on no other plastic paddle tailed swimbait. Originally designed for saltwater fishing, we have come to find that black bass both here on the Delta and up at Clearlake just love to chase down this bait. Great color combos are available as well as the matching Hammer Heads in a variety of weights and hook sizes. These baits have just abount completely replaced all my spinnerbaits and crankbait fishing here on the River!

Breast Cancer awareness Month at TNT Baits

TNT Baits has designed 2 special Wadda Jig colors to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness month. Breast Cancer has touched the lives of many of us, including my mom Nancy and Troyce's wife Julie. Please come join us at TNT Baits in helping to raise funds in an effort to battle this life threatening disease.

ALL proceeds from the sales of these jigs will be donated to the Susan G Komen Foundation. Our goal is to raise $2000 for this great Foundation. Cost of each jig is $3.25 and 100% of the proceedes will go to the Komen Foundation. TNT baits has designed two special color combonations in support of this national effort, Pink/White and Pink/Purple.

Please come help support the cause at TNTBAITS.COM

The New TNT WADDA Bombs!!

Looking for that big, slow moving flippen Jig? Or a jig with the presence to intice a jig deep rock pile or ledge hunkerin Florida strain bass? The "Bomb" is the perfect fit! Made with 8" of round rubber, a large 5/0 Mustad Ultra Point hook, this 1/2oz jig with it's slow fall takes on that long slender profile of a dying baitfish, but once it hits the bottom, that 8" of undulating skirt form a massive presence big bass just can't pass up. Currently two colors are available, Black/Blue and Brown/Purple. We'll do custom colors as well, just send me an e-mail for more information on the custom jigs. Team it up with you favorite 6-8" saltwater plastic trailer ad hang on, strikes are violent! The complete line up of TNT's Cooch's Wadda Jigs can be found at WWW.HookProShops.COM.

Cooch's TNT WADDA Jig!!

There is no perfect Jig. Hence my latest adventure and endeavor with Troyce Taylor. We've combined all the little details that I believe will draw an angler more strikes and put more fish in the boat when using a jig. Each jig is hand poured, tied and painted by Troyce to assure consistency. Order yours now from TNT baits, and you'll be standing there looking at that pig like me sayin, WADDA JIG!

Yamamoto Kreatures!!

The new Yamamoto Kreature baits are versatile and bass just love ta eat em. Clockwise from top left, Texas rigged, Jig trailer, OneTon, Darter head and Flippen jig. There are no limitations of this bait, unless you neglect to take them with you.


Spring time sensation by Yamamoto Baits.
If you aren't fishing a SENKO by now, you've missed A BUNCH OF FISH!

Osprey Talon Swimbaits!

It's weightless and it turns the attitude of bass 180 degrees.
Look for the new ClearLake Hitch patterns!
This is a MUST bait guys!

Attention Drop Shot Fans!

You have got to check out this new Kit from Mojo Lures. The Innovative weight masters have done it again! Using the existing cylinder weights and the threading tool, we now have a weight system that will not get hung up. Slip the line through the eye at the top, spread the two long tabs at the bottom. Your weight will not fall in the cracks. If it does, the wire pulls right out making for an easy replacement or change of weight size. Purty cool guys, check it out!

Inland Marine

When it comes to keeping my Envirudes running and bassboats on the water, you are second to none!
You make Cooch's Fishing proud!


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